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WINE AND MUSIC - Personal Expressions, Social Experiences

The art of making wine is one in which the unique human touch of one man’s creativity empowers nature to produce a work of art from humble grapes.

The art of conducting is one in which the unique perspective of one man’s interpretation empowers an entire orchestra to deliver a performance from notes on a page.

The winemaker must humbly take what nature and the land give him and trust in his vines to create something more than themselves.

The conductor must honor what the composer has written and believe in his orchestra to create something beyond their ability as individuals only.

However, the winemaker’s art and the conductor’s genius can only exist when shared with others - their individual voices exist as a social purpose. Wine must be shared to be appreciated. Music must be shared to be enjoyed. That impulse lies behind the work of both conductor and winemaker, it defines their reason for being and informs the identity of each in the minds and hearts of those who appreciate their art and craft.

The conductor is not just an artist - but also a craftsman. The winemaker is not just a craftsman - but also an artist.

MusicVine recognizes the link between the way people appreciate wine and the way people appreciate music. Born out of a common passion for the beauty of wine and the joy of music, the business develops projects that bridge both worlds and bring together professionals in both industries.

These can include wine-focused concert series, ancillary tastings and dinners that match musicians who are deeply knowledgeable of wine with artisanal wineries and winemakers who are inspired by music, private bottlings for arts and non-profit institutions, marketing initiatives designed to attract a wine-appreciative audience to performances, seminars and private functions, and personal consultations.

For wineries, MusicVine provides an avenue to reach an arts-aware demographic directly through its entertainment-industry projects. MusicVine can feature and highlight the work of a winery and its winemaker in much the same way as it promotes its artists.

VineMusic - the MusicVine wine-industry blog serves as a forum and resource for the entire classical music industry to share thoughts, perspectives, opinions and data about wine as seen through the eyes of musicians and music-industry professionals. Ideally, it can also serve the wine business as a resource for musical knowledge in much the same manner. Check-in to the site often for announcements of new events and special artists‘ submissions. 

MusicVine hopes to enrich the lives of everyone who touches it through this noble goal of enhancing a stronger bond between the miracle of wine and the inspiration of music. We consider this part of our mission a journey and work in progress as we hope to discover the possibilities together with all of you who share this combined passion in life.

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